Chardonnay Limited 2018

2018, Quality dry white wine
Taste and sensory characteristics

In the glass we find a special small sequence, which is the result of our careful selection. As the name suggests, this is a limited edition wine from a special 225-litre French barrique barrel, which is made up of exceptionally high-quality staves made from carefully selected agate and oak wood. The wine is dark yellow in colour with golden highlights. Upon swirling the glass, the density of the wine is noticeable. Upon sniffing it with closed eyes, we can imagine flowering agate trees, and the freshness and complexity of the wine thoroughly captivates us. Aside from the tones of honey, tropical fruit, cantaloupe and fresh bread, we can discover many other scents in it. We feel their varied and generous scale immediately after the first sip. At first fresh flowers predominate in the taste, but it is later completed by the fullness and creaminess of a brilliant grape variety. The aftertaste is inimitably long thanks to the alcohol and sweet body of the wine. The sensory variety and complexity of this wine enables us to know its new face with every sip. This is a special drink whose maturation potential can be measured in decades.

Categorization (classification)
Quality dry white wine
Serving of the wine
Serve at 11-13 °C in Burgundy type glasses for white wine with a volume of 480–680 ml.
Suitable combination of wine and food
Foie gras, ocean fish, creamy risotto, semi-soft maturing cheeses of the Dutch type
Wine region
South Slovak
Wine district
Alcohol content (%)
Volume (L)
Acid content (g/l)
Residual sugar content (g/l)